Rhino 3D Training ranges from basic modelling to advanced technical 3d Design and can be dicipline tailored to a variety of diciplines. HUB Training Center currently offers Rhino 3D Level I training in  3 day course which  is intended for Architects,Engineers/Interior and Product Designers with some prior drafting or modelling experience in CAD. The couse  aims at introducing advanced digital design to the attendees as well as to demonstrate ways of applying it to their designs. The comprehensive 3-day course guides the trainee through acquiring the basic skills in the core software Rhino 3D, a high-end free-form 3D NURBS modeler. After completion, the trainees will receive a Rhino 3D Official training Certificate. Download the course outline here.


Find more about rhino here 


Some design examples :

hub_engraved                    Freeform object modelling


BarcelonaPavilion                    Architectural 3d Modelling

Desk                    Furniture design 


Perspective                    Architectural free form modelling

churchStructure                    Structural Modelling

IMG_20140526_150632            3D Printing prototyping

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